About Us


"We provide a session for women all over the world increase vitality to make their dream come true."

The benefit of acupuncture and moxa which has been developing as a part of Oriental medical are enhance our healing ability."

We pursue both of the immediate results and the sustentation through a tailor made session.
We Share your suffering and purpose, and then find an underlying disharmony to resolve it.
We Provide a session deserves security and safety.

With the slogan of
"increase your strength to challenge everything what you want and vitality to make your dream come true"
We become your supporter for you could improve your phisical disorder or fatigue and then have a life filled with a sense of well-being.

We will make a social contribution across national boundaries through increase smiling women who have fulfilled their dream.


The origin of name Meadow
What kind of landscape comes to your mind when you hear the word Meadow?
For us, like the picture above comes to mind. Meadow illuminated by the sun or the moon is sparkle, and it has a hope there is something good if we go to the illuminated place. Meadow acupuncture clinic hope that we will be the place like a illuminate Meadow where everybody could make an expectation that it is changing better by going there.

There is a thought of presymptomatic treatment in Oriental medical. This thought is doing treatment to prevent some symptoms and keep you healthy. Meadow acupuncture also focus on this thought and it is ideal that you visit us for relaxation and body maintenance even you don't have any special concern.

Importance of relaxation

We believe that relaxation by the treatment is very important.
This is a common knowledge as a western medical. There are many symptoms which are getting better by relaxation, calming mind and its parasympathetic effect. Patients who has strong body pain or Indefinite complaint actually say that I had a very relaxing time when they are getting better.
This relaxation effect is not only temporal but also lead to the the natural healing ability.

Fill the senses

We also value your senses are healed by seeing, hearing, smell... when you visit to our clinic.
Meadow acupuncture clinic is ilocated in about 8 min walk from Omotesando station toward to Minamiaoyama side. Minamiaoyama is very stylish town the clinic is at a path of a quiet location. There are Nezumuseum, The national art center tokyo, designer's shop, and stylich cafe and restaurant nearby. The meiji shurin and Roppngi are also withing walking distance. You could enjoy the sakura in full bloom ata walkway of Aoyama cemeteries in the Spring.