An extra Hygiene measures

With the coronavirus at the moment, we are also taking some extra precautions.

the precautions at every treatment are;
-sanitize all of door knob, locker and so on.
-sanitize a face cushion thought it is not touched directly.
-open the window for ventilation.

Every client are requested the bellow at the entrance;
-sanitize the hands and take a temperature.

-avoid to share a waiting room except a family.
-take a enough duration time between each appointments to avoid to be crowded.

The hygiene measure that we originally take;
-using the disposable needles.
-using the disposable sheets on the bed and face cushion.
-using the disposable drinking cups.
-wearing a mask.
-sanitize every equipments relating a treatment such as the cupping cups, hot stone and so on.

We use a medical disinfectant for an effective disinfection quickly.


  1. 2020.06.12

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