Infertility and circadian rhythm

Infertility treatment, through the position of anti-aging.

It is known the probability of natural conceive is getting down with aging. And it is also said a variety of causes. This time is a report of research which is focused on age-related infertility and circadian thythm.

Daily rhythms in physiological and behavior depend on the temporal coordination by the circadian clock reside in the brain. The estrous cycle in mammals in not only hormonally regulated, but it is also known to require a temporal signal from the central circadian clock.

The researcher found that early irregular estrus and resultant infertility in middle-aged mice could be improved by coordinating the environmental and endogenous circadian rhythms. These results indicates that there is age-related changes in the circadian system. It could be a message to women who hope conceiving with above middle-age. Especially if the woman is in jet lag environment such as night work, oversea business trip. And this is a good new that normal reproductive functioning can be rescued by manipulation of environmental timing signals.

information source:Journal of Anti-aging medicine


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