Great support by Indian grand parents

Today, we would like to share the great support by Indian grandparents after child-birth.
In most of country, grandparents support their child and grandchild after child-birth. We are often impressed  those grandparents’ support when we visit to a mother’s house for a recovery session.

Among them, Indian grandparents really devoted as a supporter. As a basic, We think that the importance of recovery after birth is recognized well in India. Grandparents support them well to let the woman after child-birth recovery well and help everything such as all houseworks and taking care of the baby.
The bellow is a words that an Indian woman teaches me how Indian people understand the importance of after-child birth.

“Postpartum is period where a women need lot of support from family. 
In India, special care and support is provided to  a women from their parents, grandparents and all family members to ensure health of women and child is not affected.
Initial 6 weeks postpartum are very crucial for a women.
During this time, women’s parents ensure that she gets enough rest as her sleep time are disturbed based on new born babies feeding needs.
They ensure by taking care of child and playing with baby to allow women to rest.

Women’s mother ensures that she gets all quality food on time with all essential nutrient content.
Grandparents not only support by taking care of child or playing but also give massage and bath to child.”
(baby massage and baby bath)

Her parents also came from India and had been stayed in her house before and after her child-birth. We really impressed by her parents’s supports. (They are the baby’s grandparents.)
Her mother spends her all time for them, she pays attention to everything in the house. She adjusts everything go very smoothly. Her farther sing a lot of song for the grandchild, put the baby on his legs to let the baby sleep or play with the baby.
The sight of them are eye-grabbing and so beautiful. 

And then, her husband’s mother had the baton to support them now. They are really great team!!

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