Woman’s story from France

Today, we would like to share a precious story of a woman from France. She had been working at world-famous company and have used to live in Japan for few years.
She has very beautiful grandchildren, all of family are in France. To hear that, everybody could imagine she is miss her family, of course. She always had been looking forward to seeing her family in holidays.

We understand that the health management is not easy with working in foreign country because the climate, food, culture or everything are different.
She had been working hard, but she had been making her effort to keep her health well with exercise, eat healthy, and come to our clinic for her body maintenance regularly.

We really respect her and her success of the job, also feel happy to hear that her present life in France is filled with a lot of love!!

The below is her experience and message.

Have you experienced some difficulty with working in Japan where is a foreign country for you? 
Living in a foreign country in a great experience !!!
 It can Be a little difficult specially regarding the stress due to work and the digestive changes And the climate difference 
The humidity level was a bit difficult for me so my hands and ankles were easily swelling
My shoulders were very tensed sometimes 
And the stomach was a little disturbed specially because of stress. The Japanese food was very good for me ( and I miss it very much now….)

How did you manage that?Message or advices to working woman, especially who come from oversea?
The massages given by chiaki San were like a dream for me ! I couldn’t imagine missing one of the Saturday morning massage
It helped me feel good physically and mentally ( I was missing my family sometimes)
She is an excellent listener and she has extraordinarily hands 
She understood perfectly my needs and she delivered perfect care to me 
I miss chiaki’s massage very much as I miss japan …..

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