A mother’s story from Singapore

Today, We would like to share a precious story of a mother client. She is in her later thirties, come from Singapore and experienced 2 times pregnancy in Japan. she has a month and half baby and a toddler, as you can imagine, yes! she has been having a very busy days to take care of them as a mother. And now she will move to other country and try to make a great life environment for her family.

As you know, Moving to oversea and make a new life with taking care of kids are not easy without any supporter such as parents, friends or any familiar community. But she will try that. We respect her and her new challenges, so here is best wishes to her.

The bellow is her experience and very message.

What is(was) the most difficult or hard things during pregnancy and
after giving-birth?

During pregnancy – having a good rest at night as my baby was very active.
After giving birth – juggling with a toddler and a new born is not easy, plus the night feeds?! Mentally and physically exhausting at times.

Was the session in Meadow acupuncture helpful for it? 
After the acupuncture, I I usually feel more relaxed and often I get a good rest that night.

Message to pregnant or mother, especially who come from oversea please?
A good support system is very important especially being a first-time mum or like me, mum of two, living overseas without family members. Thus, do take the effort to join various Mummies (Dads could join too) Facebook groups i.e. Tokyo Mother Group / Tokyo Pregnancy Group, Tiny Tots, Hike it baby etc. 
Go out to meet other mummies or mummies to be and build relationships – you will be surprised but these friendships you built, will be your support system.

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