Pregnancy story of a Japanese woman

Today, We would like to share a precious story of a Japanese mother client. She is in her later thirties, she gave a birth few month ago.

She is very active, this word is came to mind “The pregnant who fully has enjoyed the pregnancy periods.”
Thinking back, she was still at a recovery period from a treatment illness when she visited to our clinic at the first time. She maybe had been busy too mach without realizing, but she speedy geared up to improve her condition with her vitality and bright personality.

Seeing her condition and that recovery procedure by the perspective of oriental medicines, 『inborn energy』which was received from her mother when she was born was extremely powerful. And『acquired energy』which has been replenishing her body by nourishment or life style has been decreasing. But after she got on track to the recovery, she run through her pregnancy period and child-birth with her overflowing energy. 

Of course, she also had some minor pregnancy symptoms since she was not able to have a rest when she want or lack of sleeping because she had been working during pregnancy. In general, it is sometimes difficult to resolve the pregnancy symptoms, but she deal with the condition and improved soon before it will be worse every time. And then, she had been scheduling fully for both public and private. I was often surprised its fulfilling busyness.

Sincerely, congratulation to your birth. Best wishes on your new family! 

Below is her precious experiences. She gave us some tips about how to spend a time before and during pregnant.

Q Could you tell us if you did anything to ready for your pregnancy and how to take care of your health during pregnant.

“I had been having a tight schedule as possible before I become a pregnant, I had a pyelonephritis as a result. To take care of my self was the purpose of the visit to Meadow acupuncture clinic. The practitioner listen the body condition which is not able to be recognized by myself and regulated my conditions. I also have been trying not to get cold.(circulation)”

Q How had been spending the time with your husband from your pregnancy life start to the birth. Please let us know if you have any recommendation.

”We went on a date and trip , enjoyed the time for two. We also tried to make a good relation ship to talk anything each other. It is not for only now, but also for after our baby is born. “

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