Pregnancy story of a British woman

Today, We would like to share a precious story of a mother client. She is in her later thirties, come from England. She gave birth to her third baby few months ago. She visited to my clinic to keep her pregnancy condition well, relax, and release body tension. She had early pregnancy symptoms, and she said that first and second pregnancy were also like that. She already knew what is going on and how to deal with them. Her attitude toward her pregnancy is great.

She is also busy woman as a her working. She often has worked in midnight after her kids went to sleep. I was very impressed her strength. Taking care of 2 little kids, continue working during pregnant are not easy, especially while she has some early pregnancy symptoms. It must be really hard term. She is a calm woman, but a strong-willed mother. 

Now, she is a mother of 3 kids. The new baby is also so sweet. Congratulations on her new little family member!
Best wishes for your kids’ happy future!

The bellow is her precious experiences. 

Q. You have 3 kids now, we think you have a lot of happy memories and difficult experience on each pregnancy. This time, could you tell us if you had any difficulties, how you overcome it? 

“I found this pregnancy very tiring – I suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum (severe morning sickness) so it was difficult to look after two children and also to work while sick. I also had some sciatica nerve pain. Acupuncture at Meadow Acupuncture really helped with the sciatica pain though and also helped me feel more relaxed and better rested. I really looked forward to my appointments there as they were a very welcome break and Chiaki-san made me feel much better at every visit. 

I have lots of happy memories of my pregnancy though, as my children (5 and 3) were so excited about the baby, and they loved to sing and talk to the baby in my tummy. It was so nice planning for our family to become a family of five.“ 

Q. Could you tell us how your first and second children welcome your new born baby?

“My two older children are besotted with their baby brother. They were so happy when he came home from hospital, and both want to cuddle and kiss him all the time. It has really helped us that my mother has been staying with us, and my husband took a few weeks of paternity leave, so the children have still had a lot of attention even though I have been busy with the baby. Also before the baby arrived we read lots of books about welcoming a baby into the family so they were looking forward to it, and they were prepared for the baby to need breastfeeding and lots of attention.”

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